Maverick, iconoclast, entrepreneur & Gin maker


Inventor of his namesake gin, Martin Miller was a bon viveur and connoisseur of the finer things in life.  A maverick, iconoclast and an entrepreneur, his first business venture was publishing an etiquette guide called ‘Success with the Fairer Sex’.

The following years saw Martin dabble in photography, organise pop concerts and then his love and knowledge of antiques led him to publish the famous Miller’s Antique Price Guides. Martin diversified into property and bought a string of boutique hotels in London and the country.

Martin also founded Miller’s Academy, the arts-and-science lecture venue in London, fashioned on a Victorian salon. Extremely popular it attracted many celebrity speakers from the world of the arts. He gave this up in 2008, “bored by the overexposure of all things Victorian Burlesque”.

In short, though in himself curiosity personified. Curiosity for curiosity’s sake now bored him.

Early in 1998, Martin and two friends set themselves the challenge of producing the finest gin in the world no expense spared or obstacle too large to overcome; a gin that that was distilled to perfection and: ‘tasted great, even when drunk neat’.

As a result of this obsession and his attention to detail, the world’s first ‘super premium’ gin was born.

As well as the all time great G&T, Martin’s favourite drink was a Martin Miller’s Martini – which is made with 3 parts Martin Miller’s Gin, ½ part Noilly Prat Vermouth, an optional dash of orange bitters, garnished with a lemon twist and a green olive.

He was also partial to a Martin Miller’s Gin plum sorbet.

Martin described himself as ‘ultra-gregarious and addicted to meeting people’ and was perfectly suited to his role as Ambassador for his eponymous gin. He sadly passed away in December 2013, but his legacy lives on.